Software and Apps.

The next level in user engagement and app efficiency, our proven experience and continuously evolving expertise results in mobile and tablet apps that are original, efficient and meet all expectations.

Over the past years, we have pushed many mobile apps out into the world. We want to cover a few of our apps in greater detail, to explain what they do, why they exist.

Icon Wizard.

Icon Wizard Allows you to quickly and seamlessly generate all your OSX & iOS App icon sizes, just drag the hi-res image into Icon Wizard, choose the folder to save to and add files to the project.

Angry Hogs.

Get the latest hit for iPhone and iPad - Angry Hogs! The adventure continues with Angry Hogs.

Speed Meter.

Speed Meter uses the GPS capabilities of your device to determine the speed and maximum speed obtained in km/h or mph with total distance covered.

Maths Strom.

Maths Storm is designed for the learning and training of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Provides multiple levels of difficulty so children of all ages can practice.

Designed for Iphone, Ipad, and Apple TV.

Auto Pics.

Auto Pics allows you to take pictures automatically at a specificied time interval that you select.

This App can be used to take pictures of yourself or with family and friends by setting the switch on and sitting your smartphone or tablet down.

It continuously captures pictures until you switch off the button.

This application is great for crowded functions where you need to include everyone in the one picture without having to hold the camera. It also helps reduce the camera shake giving you better quality photos.